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What I HATE about F11

Okay, so I mostly love Fedora.  However, here are 4 things that got by blood really, really boiling, so I thought I’d share my emotions.  They are mostly policy issues, where I think you have gotten it very very wrong.


Just installed F11 64 bit, here are the things I hate about it in the first 30 minutes (of course there are a lot of things I like too, but they work, these don't). No doubt more will crop up.

  • Root gdm login - gets harder every release - SHAME ON YOU root nazis!
  • Samba (outbound) browsing requires firewall mods
  • Jamming SELinux enforcing mode with no query during install

And a bug:

  • My "supported" NVIDIA card (Quadro NVS 295) is not detected - okay this may not be due to overt, mulish arrogance, but I did check the supported card list and it is really annoying.

The first 3 items are just freaking absurd and represent some sort of political agenda combined with astonishing arrogance.

Is a graphical root login dangerous -- of course! So are a lot of things, which have obvious enable/disable controls. Was this this discussed in the release note? - NO. Should it be inhibited by an ever-increasing set of obscure work-arounds (in this case an new file to edit in F11)? Of course not.  (Well as was pointed out to me in thread http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=223793  this is discussed... but in non-highlighted text at the end of the boring last bullet suggesting you “save and close”).

And why on earth show the stupid "Windows Network" if it doesn't work -- just gives an obscure error message "Failed to retrieve share list from server". If you install the client, the reasonable man would open the ports, OR provide a cluefull error message.

SELinux - enforcing???? So all the bugs are worked out? I think not.




-- Charlie Butterfield


P.S. Here is a bit more context:


Bob -- Thanks for the tip, I did NOT realize the developers didn't scan the forums. I have been using Fedora since FC2 (I think), and overall think its great, esp as a bleeding edge incubator for RHEL/CentOS. BUT there are some annoying trends occurring that finally pushed me over rant/no-rant threshold.

Dan -- I like all manner of stuff, but what caused me to just wipe my CentOS 5.3 root partition and replace it with F11 was a desire to get the relatively new GNOME gvfs stuff -- so I can manipulate remote windows shares with any tool, not just GnomeVFS aware tools.

On a higher level I am amazed and impressed by the creative outpouring from the various Open Source communities, although it is also a stark reminder of the fact that programmers hate, hate, hate documentation :-)



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