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Re: Do we need split media CDs for F12?

On 14/06/09 04:53, Robert 'Bob' Jensen wrote:

----- "Frank Murphy"<frankly3d gmail com>  wrote:

Just curious.

But if a user has bandwidth problems, how is\are mutiple CD's going
to help, or is it purely on hardware grounds, no dvd-rom.

Does no one remember what happened last time the CD ball was dropped?
Lets not repeat history just for fun. We have been down this road
before, it was ugly and only lasted one release. Torrent tracker
numbers BTW do not always tell the truth. In many cases in these less
fortunate areas one person will download the ISO images, then make
CDs for any one in the surrounding villages. Sneakernet is alive and
well. I asked about this topic a few minutes ago in the
#fedora-social IRC channel because we seemed to have a pretty diverse
mix of people chatting. There was a resounding response that the CDs
need to be kept.

What about a script that takes the DVD image and produces CD .isos? That saves on mirror space, but still allows people who want/need CDs to make them. Although it would require (temporarily) 2-3 times the disk space for that process, I guess.


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