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Re: What I HATE about F11

On Sat, 2009-06-13 at 22:19 -0400, Charles Butterfield wrote:
>       * Root gdm login - gets harder every release - SHAME ON YOU root
>         nazis!
You can always init 3, login as root and startx if you *really need*
graphical root login (or use su in gnome-terminal or whatever gui
terminal is your favourite). I think that disabling root login in gdm is
fairly good security measure for noobs coming windows while experienced
administrators still know what to do if they need it. But I've never
really needed gui root login for the 4 past years I've been using Fedora

>       * Samba (outbound) browsing requires firewall mods
I don't know how Samba works, so forgive me if I say obvious stupidity,
but shouldn't *client* work even behind closed firewall (like with any
other services like ssh, ftp, ...)? Isn't this a samba bug then?

>       * Jamming SELinux enforcing mode with no query during install
Well, what works for me does not tell anything in general, but for the
first time, I've been using SELinux enforcing mode since installing
Fedora 11 Alpha. It does not get into my way.

> And a bug:
>       * My "supported" NVIDIA card (Quadro NVS 295) is not detected -
>         okay this may not be due to overt, mulish arrogance, but I did
>         check the supported card list and it is really annoying.
I don't know how to read this. Your X does not start? Or does it start
with weird resolution? What are the results of the card not being
detected? Which drivers does not work (nouveau, nv, proprietary one)?
Have you filled a bug?


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