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Re: What I HATE about F11

> The way it is done right now, you have a system that might give too
> few permissions to some users. If that causes a problem, you'll notice
> it, and you can correct it in a very simple way (uncomment one line
> and add a user to a group).
> However, if we change the default, you have a system that may be
> giving too much permissions to some users depending on your taste. And
> the worse part is that you (as an admin) might not even know it !

I think uncommenting the line by default would be OK as on the two F11
systems I have the only user in the wheel group is root. I had to
manually add myself to wheel to get extra permissions.

If you install the system, you know the root password, so you can use
su to get a root prompt anyway.

So I suppose it comes down to whether we should be adding users to the
wheel group by default. I guess it could be a checkbox in firstboot...
"Allow this user to perform administrative tasks" or something. Then
administrators could choose whether or not to add the user to wheel.

> IMHO, stricter by default in such a case is better. It's easier to add
> permissions, open holes when you need them, rather than having to
> chase some opened-by-default holes you don't even know about.

I agree, but if this were an option in firstboot I think it would be obvious.


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