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Re: What I HATE about F11

On Sun, 14.06.09 17:10, Mathieu Bridon (bochecha) (bochecha fedoraproject org) wrote:

> Look at it the other way.
> The way it is done right now, you have a system that might give too
> few permissions to some users. If that causes a problem, you'll notice
> it, and you can correct it in a very simple way (uncomment one line
> and add a user to a group).
> However, if we change the default, you have a system that may be
> giving too much permissions to some users depending on your taste. And
> the worse part is that you (as an admin) might not even know it !


Must be some weird stuff smoking admin who simply adds someone to the
wheel group not knowing what that group was for!

The purpose of the wheel group has always been to be used for more
privileged users.


Would be good if we'd actually make it work like that on Fedora.


Lennart Poettering                        Red Hat, Inc.
lennart [at] poettering [dot] net
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