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Re: What I HATE about F11

Charles Butterfield wrote:


Does it help if more people (dis)agree? I will add my voice.

- I like a root login option, especially when first setting 
up the system, as it is helpful to do things as root. I 
consciously choose to use root and realize that I MYSELF 
could be exposing MY OWN computer to risks. I ALWAYS 
uncomment %wheel in sudoers and add myself to the wheel 
group, but just to get to do this is sometimes difficult, as 
it gets constantly more awkward to even have the privileges 
to edit sudoers (fortunately, fedora is one of the more 
permissive distros with regard to editing sudoers). It is 
ESSENTIAL that a user be able to modify system settings on 
his OWN computer, if he chooses to do so. I fully support 
your outrage. Luckily, as a kde user, kdm has not been hit my 
the "root nazi" bug, so I am not hugely affected.

- Since about fedora 10, selinux is working so well that I no 
longer need to disable it at all, which I used to have to do. 
I am able to do everything I need to do without problems and 
I appreciate the extra security it might provide to my 
system, and hence, to my data and online experience. It is 
easy to disable, too, simply by editing grub's kernel boot 
line or using the gui interface. I cannot support your rage, 
as it IS working well and is so easily disabled.

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