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Re: What I HATE about F11

On Sun, 14 Jun 2009 15:59:58 +0100
Richard Fearn <richardfearn gmail com> wrote:

> > We have the "wheel" group which would fit the bill.
> Yeah, I always uncomment the %wheel line in sudoers and then add
> myself to that group.
> Hmmm, having looked at the Features guidelines I'm not sure if this
> warrants a feature page or not. It would only involve a change to the
> default sudoers file, and a change to firstboot to add the first user
> to the wheel group.
> Can someone from FESCo help out here? Should I make a feature page for
> this or not?


I think this would fall under several of the tests for it being a

Note however, making a feature page does not mean that this magically
gets done. It would be up your YOU (or whoever else helps you) to get
the work done, coordinate with package maintainers who are affected,
etc. Basically a feature page says "I am going to work on getting this
done", not "this would be nice, someone should do it". 

That said, if you are willing to work on it, great. :) 

> Thanks,
> Rich


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