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Re: No bluetooth for PulseAudio nonbelievers

On Sun, 14.06.09 22:25, Ahmed Kamal (email ahmedkamal googlemail com) wrote:

> Hi fedorians,
> Having spent more than a day trying to get Skype working smoothly with PA,
> and failing (cranky sound, or 100% CPU usage). Now I know Skype is closed
> crap that is using deprecated apis and it along with flash should be
> sentenced to software hell, but at the end of the day I need to use it at
> work. So, what I ended up doing was to "yum remove pulseaudio". Alsa
> software dmixing usually works fine for me. However, yum needed to remove
> gnome-bluetooth as it depends on PA! And it refuses to bring it back without
> PA!! duh! I want my bluetooth back, and I don't want PA. Nothing against PA,
> but it doesn't benefit me in anyway and only causes problems. Is this a case
> of rpm dependency abuse ?

Why should it be?

If you don't want to use gnome-bluetooth and how it integrates with
all other software and automates things then don't use it. Nobody
forces you.

In fact some dude called Lennart even made sure that bluez upstream
ships with an alsa config file fragement like this:


If installed this will allow you to use a ALSA device "bluetooth:MAC"
for accessing a specific bluetooth headset, without going via
PA. Awesome dude, that Lennart guy.

But generally PA's BT support works way better than the implementation
in the bluez alsa plugin. So YMMV.


Lennart Poettering                        Red Hat, Inc.
lennart [at] poettering [dot] net
http://0pointer.net/lennart/           GnuPG 0x1A015CC4

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