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Re: What I HATE about F11

On Mon, 15 Jun 2009, Lennart Poettering wrote:

> Are you speaking of the same smolt that lists es1371 as most popular
> sound card? i.e. a sound card that has been out of production since
> about 10 years now? Somehow I have serious doubts about the validity
> of the smolt data.

I've previously asked for specific sql queries to be run on the data (e.g. 
correlated with specific Fedora versions) and it seems the data for 
SELinux at least is reasonably accurate.  The actual figure shown on the 
site is likely to be much lower than the real number of SELinux enabled 
systems, as it aggregates data from systems where no SELinux stats were 
being collected, and now from distros with no real SELinux support.

> Also, isn't the smolt data generated as part of the installation
> process, i.e. at a time where people haven't yet had the time to
> disable SELinux?

Yes, that's a consideration -- those systems report back each month, so 
when there's a new release, the figures spike, and then drop off over 
time.  They're still showing a signifcant majority of people leaving 
SELinux enabled.

There's also the question of whether people who are not saying 'yes' to 
smolt reporting are likely to enable or disable SELinux.  It could go 
either way.

> Anyway, please don't think I was anti-SELinux, I am not. Just wanted
> to state what I observed.

Keep in mind that what you observe as a highly technical distro developer 
may be radically different to what happens elsewhere.

- James
James Morris
<jmorris namei org>

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