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Re: ruby-sqlite3 conflicts with rubygem-sqlite3-ruby

Michael Schwendt wrote, at 06/15/2009 03:52 AM +9:00:

Reported in Nov 2008.

Is it really that difficult to fix it?

Well, actually these two packages are _the same_ (currently
versions of rpms on Fedora are different, however)
The difference is that ruby-sqlite3 creates non-gem ruby module,
while rubygem-sqlite3-ruby creates ruby gem.

Curret ruby packaging guideline says that [1]

Packaging for Gem and non-Gem use

If the same Ruby library is to be packaged for use as a Gem and as a straight Ruby library without Gem support, it must be packaged as a Gem first.
And we have the way and allow to create non-gem ruby module (rpm) packages as a subpackage of a package based on rubygem. So for this case ruby-sqlite3 "srpm" must be obsoleted by rubygem-sqlite3-ruby "srpm" and ruby-sqlite3 "binary rpm" should be created as the subpackage of rubygem-sqlite3-ruby.

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/Ruby#Packaging_for_Gem_and_non-Gem_use


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