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Re: No bluetooth for PulseAudio nonbelievers

On Mon, 2009-06-15 at 12:08 +0300, Ahmed Kamal wrote:
>         Did you contact them?
> I just submitted a Skype support request, asking they provide better
> support for PA, the current standard audio manager on fedora Linux.  
> However, I am also unhappy that the fedora desktop is unusable if one
> chooses to remove PA. Not only did I loose the bluetooth applet (duh!
> it should have only removed BT audio support). But I also lost the
> ability to up/down volume using the touch keys on my laptop. They used
> to work before. The gst-mixer application is still able to adjust
> volumes, but not through the touch volume buttons. 
> I understand and appreciate the deep integration of PA in the desktop,
> BUT things should fail back to plain alsa if PA is removed. 

Except that there's only so many hours during the day, and I (the bluez,
and gnome-bluetooth maintainer in Fedora, and upstream gnome-bluetooth
developer) don't have time to work on this sort of feature.

If you can find a way to install the PulseAudio Bluetooth plugins for
new installs and upgrades, but allow it for removal afterwards, be my
guest. Otherwise, the majority that want things just to work will keep
enjoying the current state of affairs.

/Bastien, who got plenty of "OMG, I can't believe it just worked"
messages on blogs and IRC

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