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Re: What I HATE about F11

Matthew Garrett wrote:
On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 06:13:51PM +0200, Julian Aloofi wrote:

So, solving this is pretty easy, even for newbies. But I agree that the
error message will not help someone without advanced knowledge. Although
I think people running Samba generally will know where to look for the

I think this is actually a problem that needs solving. We have several network services that are either installed by default or might be expected to be part of a standard setup, but which don't work because of the default firewall rules. The Anaconda people have (sensibly, IMHO) refused to simply add further exceptions to the firewall policy.

So, what should happen here? Should we leave the firewall enabled in these cases* by default and require admins to open them? If so, is there any way that we can make this easier in some Packagekit-oriented manner? If not, how should we define that packages indicate that they need ports opened? Should this be handled at install time or run time?

* The case that I keep hitting is mDNS resolution, which requires opening a hole in the firewall

The question here is: For whom do you want to open the firewall? For your private network at home or also the wifi connection in the internet cafe?

A mechanism has to be added to define the type of a network connection or a network segment.


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