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Re: Heads up: NoArch Sub Packages Feature continues

Am 15.06.2009 16:19, schrieb Florian Festi:
Please check your packages[2] whether they can make use of this feature and add your changed packages to the list[3].

I have reread the list of the candidates for noarch sub packages on your list.

I wan't to notifiy, that the creation of the noarch package is only possible, if there are no packages required on the package which contains a ExcludeArch or ExclusiveArch
statement in the SPEC file.

For example the package fedora-ksplice could be a noarch package because it's contains only two shell scripts but unfortunately ksplice which is a dependency of
this package is provided only for the intel architiecture.

Creating such a package as a noarch package may cause dependencies issues, because
the require package will no be available on all plattforms.

Best Regards:

Jochen Schmitt

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