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RE: Split Media - A use case

Use case :
PIII 950Mhz system CDROM installed , no DVD, NO USB boot option , no PXE
boot option, local network does not allow DHCP server ( corp rules)
, local net is firewalled from internet via (http | ftp) proxy

Yes it's old
It was running F10 
It _Needs_ split CD to install
Anaconda takes forever because it won't accept proxy info and has to
mutiply time out trying to access unreachable network mirrors

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G.Wolfe Woodbury wrote:
> That's what they wanted to use :-)     besides it was quicker to gen
> them than to download the live CDs or DVDs.

CDs will be much slower than a DVD in terms of read speed. You'll also
have to swap disks out during install (hello 1998). Why do they "want"
to use CDs?

In fact, why are you wasting a DVD or CDs? That's not very green of you.
Give them a USB stick with the DVD install ISO loaded on it so it can be
reused for more useful things.

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