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Re: Porting amarok-1.4 to F11

On 15/06/09 19:02, Ingvar Hagelund wrote:
As one of many, I'm the semi-happy owner of an Apple iPhone. The iPhone and the iPod Touch's media player db is well supported under Linux, using tools like libgpod, and iFuse or sshfs for access. Until recently, one could use amarok as a front end to sync content. But amarok-2.x does not (yet) support non-hardware (that is, not found by HAL) mounts.

It should be possible to make amarok-1.4 to work on F11. It is still maintained in epel, and the compilation fixes for F11 consisted of adding a few #include statements here and there. So it works - almost. It can read the db, but fails writing to it.

While waiting for amarok-2.x to support scripting or fuse mounts, I could use some advice on getting 1.4 to work. All the parts seems to be present, I just can't get them to play together.


also check out http://www.rockbox.org/


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