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Re: No bluetooth for PulseAudio nonbelievers

> yum remove pulseaudio

Not quite sure this is the right approach (because -- as you've already
noticed -- some things unexpectedly depend on PA).  What about `yum erase
alsa-plugins-pulseaudio` instead?

Thanks for the suggestion, however, I have gone a different route since Gnome desktop it seems is 'too' tightly integrated with PA these days. What I did was:
- Configure my .asoundrc for pasymed device to allow for native alsa mixing
- yum remove pulseaudio gnome-bluetooth -y
- Install kde.repo and install kde-4.3beta

KDE's phonon has a backend chooser which allowed me to switch from PA, to native alsa!
KDE's bluetooth GUI does not depend on pulse"audio"
KDE's volume applet is not locked into PA, so my volume up/down slider keys work fine now
Alsa's soft sound mixer allows Skype + Flash + everything else full simultaneous play/record sound card access

Life is great now, choice is great !
Thanks everyone

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