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Re: Changing the default 32-bit x86 arch for Fedora 12

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Way back when in February [1], FESCo decided that for Fedora 11, i586 would
be the default architecture, and for Fedora 12, it would be some variant of
i686. It's time to follow through on that action item.

I've submitted https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/F12X86Support. It
defines the default arch as i686 + SSE2.

What CPUs do we lose that F11 supports?

- Intel Pentium III

There goes my gateway[1] (unless I spend $250+ to replace it[2]).

(1: purpose, not brand)
(2: ...which I suppose wouldn't be so bad since I would probably get less power consumption from the bargain.)

A seconday arch could be done for these older CPUs, if someone is interested
Comments? Flames? Predictions of doom?

One of the strengths of Linux is ability to run on older hardware. It seems a shame that Fedora would leave behind that ability. I could see dropping e.g. "pure" i586, ppro, etc, but P3's are not /that/ old and still pretty decent machines for running Linux.

I will be unhappy if P3 support goes piff.

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