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Re: Changing the default 32-bit x86 arch for Fedora 12

Björn Persson (bjorn rombobjörn se) said: 
> > According to public smolt stats:
> > 	http://smolt.fedoraproject.org/static/stats/stats.html
> >
> > only 0.38% of the userbase is non-Intel/AMD. (Number of registered systems
> > that report as Geode: 4.)
> Do you know the difference between a scientific study and a poll on a website?
> Scientists take care to select a representative sample. In a web poll the 
> sample is completely uncontrolled.
> Which of the two does Smolt resemble most?

If you honestly feel someone is intentionally stacking the Smolt results...
well, I don't know what to say.

It is 250000 actively reporting machines. I've heard the following reasons
why a Centaur or similar CPU class may be reported low:

- Hey, we use a non-GUI server!
- Hey, we're LTSP!
- Hey, we didn't run the firstboot client!

These reasons all apply to other x86 vendor's server boxes just as much -
an LTSP client could be an Atom box, or an old Celeron. x86 servers... heck,
they're a lot more likely to be a recent rackmountable Xeon.

Hey, if you want to take a full sample of the non-XO Fedora userbase, FAS
exists right now (although, given the reasons people sign up for FAS accounts,
that's unlikely to be *that* representative of the userbase as a whole.)
I've still got $100 to the charity of your choice that those numbers for
non-Intel/AMD x86 boxes are correct within an order of magnitude.


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