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Re: Changing the default 32-bit x86 arch for Fedora 12

> - Intel i586 (all)
> - Intel Pentium Pro
> - Intel Pentium II
> - Intel Pentium III
> - 32-bit AMD Athlon

As an ambassador, it's going to be hard to explain people that I can't
install Fedora 12 on their computers that still run Windows XP, Ubuntu
and others perfectly fine.

We see 32 bit Athlon at Install Parties (I don't think so for the
other ones) here in France, where we are supposed to be a "rich"

Fedora moves from an OS suitable to poor people (I mean, the fact that
it is free of charge is a perfectly valid reason for using Linux) to
an elitist OS that will only support (and welcome as contributors!)
people rich enough to upgrade their hardware. That is kind of sad, but
if that's the plan forward, I'll try to refine my ambassador speach

> - AMD Geode

That seems like a problem to me. What is the future plan for XO-1.0
that are already deployed ? Was it even thought about ? Are we
consciously dropping them so that OLPC will have to maintain its own
fork of F11 after it is EOLed ?

I doubt that the million XO-1.0 that is currently deployed will
upgrade to XO-1.5 or X0-2.0 any time soon given the actual target
population of OLPC, so one year from now, they are on their own.

Unless we have it as a secondary arch, but are those really successful
? Can a project like OLPC count on a secondary arch ?


Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)

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