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Re: iptables/firewall brainstorming

Roberto Ragusa wrote:
Thomas Woerner wrote:
Please think of a scenario like this: Service A is adding
firewall rules for opening port 20 and 21 (ftp-data and ftp) for
everyone and service B is opening port 20 and 21 only for a specific
network segment. What do you want to have here? If you apply A's rules
first then 20 and 21 is open for everyone and the rules from B are not
used at all. But if you apply B's rules first, ... What is the right
ordering here? Should A or B win?

The conflict is there only if you are thinking something like this:

if(port==(20-21)) PERMIT else DENY;
if(port==(20-21)) {if(net==trusted) PERMIT; else DENY;}

where the behavior changes if you change the order of A and B.

But I have always seen firewalls rules written as "holes", with a default
deny rule at the end:

if(port==(20-21)) PERMIT;
if(port==(20-21) && net==trusted) PERMIT;
A wins here. The first matching rule will be used. Therefore there is no restriction for a trusted network. So your ftp server will be available for everyone - even in a public wifi.

In this case there is no dependence on the ordering.

Am I missing something?

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