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Please quit the nonsense, Re: Do we need split media CDs for F12? DO NOT VOTE for Kevin Kofler!

Please read my clarification in the thread:
to see what I'm really up to.

Robert 'Bob' Jensen wrote:
> Rock on, let this be an example of the leadership the community can expect
> if Kevin is elected. Hold the community "hostage"  while ignoring the
> users needs.

It's quite funny that you're using this word… Jesse Keating wrote this:
| Just producing it, somebody will download it, because they know no
| better, so having numbers that say "somebody wanted it" isn't enough in
| my book, and right now, I feel that the anaconda, qa, releng teams are
| being held hostage by Fedora Unity due to blanket claims of "if Fedora
| Project does not produce them Fedora Unity will".
and I kinda have to agree with him. Would you also post a "DO NOT VOTE for
Jesse Keating!" mail if he was running in these elections?

> I would think that working with the community would be a better approach.

How is "we will do split media even if the community decides they're not
needed" a way of "working with the community"?

Listen, I do think that split media should be kept IF the community agrees
that they're needed. But I DON'T think you can force the Anaconda
developers to support them just because you (as in "the Fedora Unity
project") want to use them. Heck, I'm even OK with Fedora Unity doing CD
sets if the consensus is that offering them under the Fedora umbrella is a
bad idea, but offering them elsewhere is fine. I don't have anything
against the Fedora Unity project. But we need to decide TOGETHER what is
worth shipping and supporting.

> What is next? Will the anaconda team be mandated to not accept patches
> from the community and forced to remove any code for split media?

No, they'll just not be mandated to keep supporting split media if nothing
in Fedora needs them. But nobody will force them to drop the code.

> What if they want to continue supporting split media? Will you then
> suggest that Fedora Project start a new installer project?


        Kevin Kofler

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