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Re: using CD/DVD as media

On 6/16/2009 10:16 PM, Mani A wrote:
> David <dgboles comcast net> wrote:
>> To have the DVD *always* as a source to check for packages is a pain in
>> the neck IMO.
>> Mandriva does that. The install DVD is a default source. *Every time*
>> that you try to *install*, or *update*, you have to find and insert the
>> DVD for it to check it for the disired package(s) *and* their
>> dependencies as well as the online repos.
>> Everyone that I know that uses Mandriva *disables* that 'feature' as one
>> of the very first things that they do.
> I think this behaviour should be changed in Fedora. At least for the
> first update, the media should be used by Yum (and others).
> It will also be very useful for people doing upgrades from earlier
> versions of Fedora with a DVD (instead of yum). Yum went for a 2.2GB+
> update after a F10 --> F11 upgrade with a DVD in one desktop system
> and many of the packages were on the DVD.

Do I understand 'you' correctly? I use 'you' for the "very useful for
people". Okay?

*If* 'you' downloaded the *whole* 3.4G Fedora 11 DVD so that 'you' could
upgrade an installed Fedora 10 machine and the upgrade installed *some*
of the packages from the DVD and downloaded and installed *some* of the
packages from The Internet that would not make sense to me?

Some of the packages on the DVD that 'you' just downloaded where updated
the same day Fedora 11 was released. So those files, that 'you' just
downloaded in the ISO, were already old and not used. The newest ones,
and their dependencies, were downloaded anyway. Many of the packages on
the DVD which 'you' just downloaded where probably not used at all
anyway. But you just downloaded them in the ISO.

If you had several, many, machines to upgrade that could make some
sense. But not for one machine. Or two very different setups.

I actually did an upgrade of a Fedora 10 Desktop system to Fedora 11 as
a test. A Fedora 10 install up-to-date the day that I did it. My
download total was less that 900M. No where near the 3.4G DVD or the
extra packages they 'you' would have downloaded.

So please explain to me how that would have saved "very useful for
people" any time and any bandwidth?


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