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Re: Heads up: NoArch Sub Packages Feature continues

Seth Vidal wrote:
you would expect foo-1.1.i386 to be installed instead of foo-1.0.x86_64?

First this is not the case we've been talking about. Noarch packages are always arch compatible to any package they replace/update. There should never be an obsolete necessary, as for other compatible arch changes (i386 -> i586 -> i686)

The whole cross incompatible arch update stuff is probably better discussed on the yum list. But heh, Seth, you you brought that issue up yourself ;-P=



Nevertheless I have my own opinion: Staying at an old version without even an (error) message is a bad idea - especially for old versions that have security issues and will most likely require libraries that are going to be updated, too (OK, this would at least create the error message).

Updates across incompatible arches should only happen when upgrading from one release to another and especially then a flexible handling is desired.

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