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Thoughts? Re: Do we need split media CDs for F12?

We've seen arguments, for and against.

Statistics and Numbers, thinking!

Get the community involved.
*Find Out*
As I've stated earlier:

Run a poll, get the fp.o to run a poll, and blog\twitter etc.

*Don't ask pointed questions*
"Do you want to keep split-cd for Fedoa X"

"What is you preferred method of obtaining Fedora"

With a realistic range of values as check-boxes\radio buttons.

looking at:

I would also included an option, and this would probably go further up the chain.

"Would you be willing to buy a 4(8)gb usb stick with Fedora X (DVD contents on it), supplied with a boot CD."
(This could also be an Ambassador supplied option,
either way costs only)

If all that can be done by F12 fine,
if not defer the whole thing to F13.


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