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Re: using CD/DVD as media

> Note that this is of only very limited usefulness because packages often have updates available anyway.

on the contrary this feature is very important for people who got no
or slow internet connection, and in my country this is almost always
the case

in that case one won't mind getting an older openoffice.org than
downloading tons of mega bytes.
and even if one wants the latest oo.o he could install it from DVD
then use presto to save bandwidth

> The closing is done automatically, not by humans, so there's no way that bugs that are 'obviously' still valid can be excepted.

> You have already said that you *know* how to do this. May I suggest that
you do it then?

I'm not here to complain about closing the bug nor to ask how to make
a local repo
I'm here to ask what does the "new UI for media change" mean in the PK update

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