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rpm AutoRequires/AutoProvides and dsos not in linker path, do we care ?

So, https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=502226 was logged a
while ago against OOo for the rpms "improperly" providing and
requiring .sos that are not in the linker path, but instead in OOo's own

The concern is that the autorequires/provides operate in a flat
namespace and that eventually there'll be some conflation where
something linking to /usr/lib/foo.so will force sucking in a package
that provides /usr/lib/package/plugins/foo.so instead

Clearly this isn't specific to OOo, e.g. as a random example

$ rpm -q --provides gedit|grep spell
$ rpm -ql gedit | grep libspell.so

and probably thousands of others.


a) do we care ?
b) if we care do we want to 
b.1) make every package that has some shared libraries in it that are
not in the default linker path make manual filters to exclude the
provides/requires ? (oh, the pain)
b.2) extend the autorequires/autoprovides in some (handwaves) way to
better indicate the desired match


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