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Re: Do we need split media CDs for F12?

----- "Michael Cronenworth" <mike cchtml com> wrote:
> So? Your point? A Fedora LiveCD is an install CD.

There are several points that I hope will be taken from the entire thread. 

Some people do not like the LiveCD install option, or lack of options as they may see it.

The point I failed to communicate earlier that lead to a lot of noise is Fedora Unity's position. It is simple really, Even if Fedora Project does not produce CD media, Unity still has users that want it, so the community that needs it should not panic. I think producing media for niche groups is perfect for smaller organizations or groups, Just like the FEL Spin or KDE Live media for the KDE SIG.

We need "real data" if at all possible from as many sources as possible so the Fedora Project and the Community that Fedora Unity is a part of can make a true informed decision. 

We really should not feel that we need to worry about upstream projects such as anaconda, they should be allowed to drop or abandon the needed code if they want or need to. 

Fedora Project also should not feel that is needs to worry about downstream projects like Fedora Unity, we will hold our own and do what is needed to supply users with this niche media.

There may be other bits that I have overlooked but I think this covers the big bullets.

- Bob

P.S. Kevin is not a bad guy, just pissed in my Wheaties(tm) at the wrong time. 

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