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Re: using CD/DVD as media

On 6/17/2009 3:10 PM, Muayyad AlSadi wrote:
>> It appears that existing media sources can be enabled or can be disabled
>> in the GUI by marking the check boxes or unmarking the check boxes. In
>> my Fedora 11 it does not show a CD or DVD source. You would have to add
>> them, as in the example that I pointed to earlier, yourself. From what I
>> read it works. I can not really confirm that because I have not done
>> that. Nor will I because it is not what I want.
>> Similar to yumex.
>> --
> a bit you can't add the media itself as a repo [not a copy of it nor a
> file:// something I'm talking about the removable media]
> not in PK nor yumex nor any other tool

I'll say this one last time. Then I am done with this.

I believe that the way to do this is to *write* a repo configuration
file that *points* to the DVD drive. Which is what that article said to
do. And no you can not put the disk in the drive and expect the GUI
applications to add it for you.

And that, I don't think, is considered a 'bug'. So if you want this to
change you need to write a Bugzilla RFE. Not a Bugzilla bug. That would
put you in direct contact with the developer and not a common user like
I am.

Have a good day.



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