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Re: Porting amarok-1.4 to F11

* Matthew Garrett
> > > Yes they are. You'll need an appropriate fdi file to indicate that
> > > they're an ipod, though.

* Adam Williamson
> > To be clear, apps like AmaroK / Rhythmbox would just talk to the
> > iPod via libgpod or similar directly. The FUSE method of 'mounting' iPods
> > is just another way of talking to libgpod, to give you the convenient
> > user interface of a mounted filesystem, but it doesn't really make sense
> > for other applications to go through the fake filesystem rather than
> > just using the library to talk to the device directly.

* Matthew Garrett
> Right, but my understanding was that various applications required a 
> mount point to be flagged as belonging to an ipod for them to use 
> libgpod on it. The ipod touch and iphone can't be used as mass-storage
> devices - they speak a custom USB protocol which has been implemented
> as a fuse driver.

(Sidenote: The sshfs method does of course not use the USB protocol.
It uses ssh.)

iFuse is built on top of libiphone. I would guess that some glue code
between libiphone and libgpod, and some HAL signalling, would
eliminate the need for a fuse mount - and then perhaps amarok-2.x will
be usable for our needs. Until then, we'll have to keep going with 1.4.
Luckily it has been picked up by epel.


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