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Re: Changing the default 32-bit x86 arch for Fedora 12 (#2)

On 06/17/09 21:17, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 9:52 AM, Bill Nottingham<notting redhat com>  wrote:
- Atom is the only currently produced 32-bit x86 chip of note; optimize
  for what's currently available

Just as an aside, can we do anything to help people identify whether
their hardware is 64bit capable?

Not sure it is still that way, but at least a while back suse had such a check in the install iso boot loader, poping up a window saying somehing along the lines "cool (64bit) computer, do you really want to cripple it with 32bit software?". That was the box with a two-sided dvd though (one side 32 other 64bit). In *that* case it makes alot of sense, you just have to flip the dvd and it also avoids installing 32bit by accident.

For fedora you probably want to know *before* downloading stuff ...

Idea #1:
  Can preupgrade handle a i386->x86_64 switch?  If so a check could
  be added and offer going from F10/32bit to F11/64bit.

Idea #2:
  netinst iso for both 32 and 64bit, then have the bootloader check
  cpuid and offer either 32bit (32bit hardware) or 64bit+32bit with
  64bit being default (64bit hardware).


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