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F11: LVM over MD is broken. Switch back to F10?

Hello all,

While not strictly a -devel issue, the advise I'm seeking does raise an
interesting issue.
I've got a number of workstations running a combination of F9 and F10.
All are using LVM over software RAID5. (DM)

I've done a test upgrade on the workstation (including a partial
migration of some of the partitions to ext4), and hit bug #505433 [1]
(Kernel hangs when it fails to detect a valid partition tables on the
software RAID).

My problem is rather simple:
The initial test workstation is currently DOA. If I revert back to F10,
I will no longer be able to help the kernel guys debug this issue; on
the other hand, I've begging to miss my main workstation. (Typing this
on my F11 based laptop...)
Far worse, the F9 workstations are reaching EOL, and I cannot install
F10 on them due to known anaconda issue (That was fixed during the F11
devel cycle) so in short, I'm in deep ****...

... Suggestions?

- Gilboa
[1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=505433

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