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Re: F11 deltarpms being built against rawhide base release

On Sat, 2009-06-20 at 14:08 +1000, Bradley Baetz wrote:
> Hi,
> Running F11 (x86_64), I've noticed that not all updates have deltarpms 
> built for them. It looks like there is one built for the package, but 
> the source version is wrong.
> For example gvfs-1.2.3-6.f11 is in the latest set of updates. I 
> currently have 1.2.3-2.f11 installed, but the drpm is 
> gvfs-1.2.3-3.fc12_1.2.3-6.fc11.x86_64.drpm, (f12, not f11, and 1.2.3-3 
> never got pushed to f11) which won't work...
> Presumably there should be drpms built against release+prev-update, or 
> ideally one drpm for any update released in the previous week.
> Other packages (openssl, qemu) don't seem to have .drpms built at all.

I would suggest creating a bug report against createrepo for the wrong
source rpm.

I know there are also some issues with how long it's taking to generate
deltarpms, and I think some deltas aren't being created so the compose
can get out the door.  For now, I'd probably leave the problem of the
missing deltas be.


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