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Re: Changing the default 32-bit x86 arch for Fedora 12 (#2)

On 19/06/09 00:19, Bill Nottingham wrote:
No, period - I haven't seen anyone in the community say that they're
testing it on i586-class hardware.

Hi Bill,

Your wiki page has some jargon ("i586") which I'm trying
to reduce to manufacturer products, as you have already
done for the AMD products.

F12 x86 will not work on i586 (or i686 without CMOV)
Intel Pentium
Intel Pentium Pro

VIA C3 and C3-M ("Samuel 2")
VIA C3 and C3-M ("Ezra")
VIA C3 and C3-M ("Ezra-T")
VIA Eden ESP ("Samuel 2")

Note that the VIA Eden ESP ("Samuel 2") appears to be a shipping
product [based on vendor's website, not personal experience], and
that this will not run Fedora 12 under the current proposal.  It
ships in the VIA EPIA MII/ML/PE motherboards with CPUs rated at
667MHz (all other clock speeds will run F12). Probably worth a
mention in the F12 Release Notes.

F12 x86 will work on these 32b processors

Intel Pentium II
Intel Celeron (any)
Intel Pentium III
Intel Pentium 4
Intel Pentium M

VIA C3 and C3-D ("Nehemiah")
VIA Eden ESP ("Nehemiah")
VIA Eden-N
VIA Eden ("Esther")
VIA C7 and C7-M and C7-D ("Esther")
VIA Nano

Any Intel x86-64, AMD64 or compatible

Although this is the best I could do, the VIA situation is complex
and errors in the above would not shock me.

Cheers, Glen

 Glen Turner

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