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Re: [VERY LONG] The fonts SIG irregular status report: Fedora 11 state


Just because you didn't have time does not mean others had it. There
were 5949 font files Fedora 10 (not counting symlinks). Do the math.
Besides, you've been in the game long enough to know that requests in
"very annoyed tone" don't buy you any karma, quite the contrary.

No one forces you to maintain any package, if you don't have the time to
do so, orphan it. I had to release several packages myself to help other
packagers this cycle (starting with the polite ones). That also didn't
leave me the time to participate in the flames you helpfully started.

For what happened FPC and FESCO side, most of it is public and archived
and can easily be checked so I stand by what I wrote (not pointing
fingers just stating facts so hopefully we do better next time). 

And for the last time, if you're so convinced the SIG is mismanaged,
you're welcome to try doing better, the seat has always been open for
the taking as far as I'm concerned.

Nicolas Mailhot

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