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Re: Why do we need FC version attached to the package name?

On Jun 22, 2009, at 9:34, Jussi Lehtola <jussilehtola fedoraproject org> wrote:

On Mon, 2009-06-22 at 09:31 +0200, Jesse Keating wrote:
On Jun 22, 2009, at 9:26, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org>
On 06/22/2009 12:54 PM, Jesse Keating wrote:
Not possible while we allow people to keep making updates to the
releases.  Those updates quickly become version ( not just release
) higher than the static copies on the release medium and repos.

Is there any proposed solution to this problem? We can't just continue
to break upgrade paths and call it the way things are done.

If you have any ideas I'd like to hear them. A super epoch has already
been suggested but that just masks the problem and may cause unwanted
downgrades. Any solution either involves severly limiting what kind of
updates can be done or requiring network access during upgrades.

Does anaconda currently force installs of core packages such as yum?
This is quite important if the version in the old distro is newer than
that on the DVD.

No because anaconda has no idea if forcing it would actually result in a working system.


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