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Re: Why do we need FC version attached to the package name?

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> There are still packagers who bump %version or %release
> in old dist updates without considering the consequences with regard to
> dist upgrades.

I think this is the real problem
If this hits yum or any package yum depends on you have no chance for dist-upgrade

I had the problem updating f8->f9 eith openssl-dependencies of installed
yum-version which was installed in a version yum did not resolve because
installed yum has dependencie of installed openssl and the yum-version
from f9 was not resolved as "to update". preupgrade did leave me with a unbootable
system without a kernel after second try and finally i had to force the upgrade again
form dvd - if this happens on a server you would wish to die :-)

I think dist-upgrades with yum should be forced official because
you can not upgrade a server from dvd or preupgrade because of downtime

my experience is that upgrades with yum are much better if there are no
broken dependencies because you can check and fix grub.conf, make manually updates,
remove leaves and so on while the system is running and as sample apache
serves his websites without downtime, so you have more time to look and think
before you reboot and run into troubles.

anaconda is a blackbox in this case
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