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Re: bodhi - testing back to pending?

On Wed, 24 Jun 2009 02:13:18 -0400 (EDT), Bill wrote:

> >> Do updates in -testing go back to pending if they're not pushed to
> >> stable in some amount of time?
> >
> > No, they just sit there, unless they're explicitly unpushed.
> OK, thanks.  Would we expect bodhi to log a message when it's unpushed? 
> Currently it's in pending and there's a bodhi message that says it was
> pushed to testing.
> > Then he should just use the web interface, which works with any browser.
> Oh, great, I'll pass that along.

Something appears to be wrong with that update request. I would
consider contacting releng or Luke Macken directly. Enrico, who has
submitted this update request, has had problems with Bodhi for a very
long time (I don't need the details and may not be fully up-to-date).

| Date Released:  	2009-02-12 18:57:37

| bodhi - 2009-02-12 20:37:48
| This update has been pushed to testing

"Has been pushed" means the package has actually been placed in
the repository. The log message is from February, so that is long ago.

On the contrary, a log message like "This update has been submitted for
testing" means a person has modified the update request in bodhi. Then
the "Status:" field gets important. For new updates, it starts at
"pending" and will flip to either "testing" or "stable" once the
package has been pushed actually. For test updates to be moved to
stable, it doesn't flip back to "pending".

This particular ticket doesn't have any log message that explains why
the status is still "pending" despite the actual push in February.

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