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Re: Why do we need FC version attached to the package name?

Kevin Kofler wrote:
The only solution to this particular problem is to stop claiming we support
upgrade methods which don't include updates.

This can't be the only possible solution to this problem. Anaconda can already ignore dependencies when installing packages which aren't part of the update set. All that would be required would be allowing it to downgrade packages which are newer on the original system to those present on the install media. The whole point of a release set of packages is that it is a well tested consistent set of pacakges. I don't see the problem with forcing the use of these packages during an upgrade regardless of what versions were on the original system. You'd be left with a functional system and the tools you need to update to the latest versions of packages should be functional.

The F11 DVD is no longer viable for upgrades as of the latest F10 yum update. We CANNOT recommend it for upgrades anymore.

This is certainly true, but that doesn't mean that all future updates have to be broken. I've got machines which have been stepwise upgraded from around FC3 and this is the first release where one of the core packages has been broken due to a dependency problem during the upgrade.

For future Fedora releases, there are 2 solutions:
either we fix the DVD to use the repositories enabled on the installed
system (updates etc.) like preupgrade now does (which also implies that it
will have to refuse doing the upgrade if it can't connect to the network)
or we drop support for upgrading from the DVD entirely (we could hide it
behind an "upgrade" boot option like RHEL does).

So, just to be clear here. Anyone who either has no network connection or whose network connection is too slow to support downloading potentially hundreds of megs up updates isn't going to be able to upgrade any more?


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