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Re: Fedora 11 wireless-tools yum erase?

Peter Robinson wrote:
I would agree, just about all NetBooks (possibly all) still come with
wired ethernet ports and given their price point I would expect that
that platform to be the one to drop the wired ports first. Also a
nummber of other devices that have only wireless still support usb
ethernet out of the box to provide wired support.

Design costs aside, the cost of putting an RJ45 NIC on something was around $10 several years ago. I suspect the marginal (per-unit) cost to OEM's is awfully close to nil.

Besides, what about hotels with wired but no wireless? What about people like me that strongly prefer wired to wireless? ;-)

You're probably right that netbooks will drop RJ45 first, but I suspect not for a while, unless form factor is the problem.

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