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Re: Fedora 11 wireless-tools yum erase?

TK009 wrote:
[...] it bothers me because I don't want packages on my machine I
don't need. As it is my machine that is reason enough. Size is

Hate to say it, but... if this is the case, you want (need) Gentoo. Fedora (and most pre-packaged distros) is going to pull dependencies for optional features.

The alternative is either:
- build multiple packages for each combination of optional features
- check for everything at runtime

Both have significant drawbacks. The latter has the further disadvantage (a problem we /already/ have, I'll add) that it makes it hard to discover that something can be enhanced by addition of some optional package.

At best, you can do something in a small number of significant cases. I tend to think deps should be split when something especially useful (e.g. NetworkManager) is hanging onto an entire chain of potentially useless functionality (yes, like wireless... or bluetooth) that can amount to a large number of packages and/or used space. As another example, kcalc requiring foomatic is a particular pet peeve of mine. (But wpa_supplicant is probably not worth it, both because of size, and because - as elsewhere noted - it might be needed on wired. Printing support is another matter... at least on size it is around 100 MB.)

But in general, if you want a super-lean system, you need to roll your own packages with the exact dependency set you want.

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