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Re: update mechanism for new releases

Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> Peter Robinson wrote:
> >>> I've never attempted an RPM-based update from e.g. Fedora 10 to
> >>> Fedora 11. How well does that work out for regular Fedora users?
> >>
> >> Lot's of people will tell you that it works fine. However, this is not
> >> a supported path for upgrade. Users should use Pre-Upgrade instead.
> >
> > Well its not supported completely, the simple fact that a lot of
> > people use it means that its supported within certain constraints.
> I think you confuse "supported" and "functional". Upgrade via yum is
> mostly /functional/. It is "(officially) supported" exactly to the
> extent that you get to keep the pieces. If you are lucky, people /might/
> help you put them back together :-).

What does "supported" mean in this context anyway? Isn't Fedora 
community-supported? So if someone from the community helps you when you have 
problems with a Yum upgrade, then Yum upgrades are supported, right?

If I upgrade from the DVD, or by Preupgrade, and it breaks, who should I send 
the pieces to?

Björn Persson

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