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Re: Why do we need FC version attached to the package name?

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Simon Andrews wrote:
I don't see the problem with forcing the use of these packages during an
upgrade regardless of what versions were on the original system.  You'd
be left with a functional system

Not really. Things like KDE config files processed by kconf_update, Firefox
profiles, Amarok databases etc. will have been converted to the format
expected by the new version, downgrading is not supported by upstream and
the old version may thus not work or lose some settings.

Surely these aren't the kind of updates which should be applied within a release cycle anyway? A new release is the time you'd expect to get a major revision of this sort.

So, just to be clear here.  Anyone who either has no network connection
or whose network connection is too slow to support downloading
potentially hundreds of megs up updates isn't going to be able to
upgrade any more?

Fedora effectively requires a fast network connection for the regular
updates anyway.

Really? I've installed Fedora for several people who don't have a decent network connection and have taken updates on a USB stick at intervals. I'm sure there's plenty of the world where install disks are passed round.

Even where you do have a fast network connection there can still be problems:

1) All of our servers have to access the internet via a proxy. At least within the Anaconda UI there doesn't appear to be any support for configuring proxies so I'm forced into kickstart / shells / extra boot options to upgrade?

2) At home I have a cap on how much I can download except for an unlimited window overnight (midnight - 6am I think). Do I now have to wait up to upgrade my machines rather than doing the initial upgrade from media and then picking up updates automatically the next night?

Making a media based upgrade unsupported is going to be a pain for an awful lot of people.


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