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Re: Why do we need FC version attached to the package name?

On 06/25/2009 04:37 PM, Simon Andrews wrote:
> Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>> On 06/25/2009 01:37 PM, Simon Andrews wrote:
>>> 1) All of our servers have to access the internet via a proxy.  At least
>>> within the Anaconda UI there doesn't appear to be any support for
>>> configuring proxies so I'm forced into kickstart / shells / extra boot
>>> options to upgrade?
>> Do you have a RFE filed on this?
> No, because I've never needed this to work since our upgrades are all
> done via nfsiso mounts.  One I can boot into the new system I use yum to
> get the remaining updates, and the yum proxy support works fine (well
> except for BZ#484491).

It might be good to file it nevertheless.

> If all anaconda upgrades are going to be online then I'd also add in the
> ability to configure network cards since all of our switches have only
> one forced mode (not my choice!) and this isn't detected correctly by
> the broadcom ethernet drivers.  Trying to run an upgrade over a
> connection configured with the wrong duplex setting would be truly
> painful.  Again I have ethtool fixes in place once the new system boots,
> but they're not there in anaconda.
> Can anaconda handle wireless network connections for upgrades?

Since Anaconda switched over to using NM, I believe this is in the


Since Anaconda

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