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Re: doubt regarding package name

Not all under our control, not all authors still around etc.  And these fails are subtle and sometimes only detected too late.
The truth is that the regexp syntax is almost impossible (actually, I believe it is impossible) if the prefix is not there.
There isn't enough information to know if it is the same package or not.  People are forced to add explicit had-coded code for each exception.

It is always confusing for humans to track where things are coming from if subpackages have different names.  If one is not in a situation to run a rpm -qi on the subpackage .rpm one may never know what produced it.

The only reason I don't propose %{name} should prefix all subpackages as a guideline is that we'd have to fix our geronimo-specs huge spec file ;-)
I actually think I should regardless...


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> Having subpackages that do not have the SRPM name as a prefix is terrible
> on tools adn scripts and should be avoided.

Tools that make such assumptions need fixing.

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