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Re: Why do we need FC version attached to the package name?

Simon Andrews wrote:
> Surely these aren't the kind of updates which should be applied within a
> release cycle anyway?  A new release is the time you'd expect to get a
> major revision of this sort.

Any KDE update can require kconf_update scripts, even bugfix releases (and
we also push the minor feature releases). The Firefox profile issue is
known to affect bookmarks between 3.5 beta and RC: the beta can't read the
bookmarks from the RC. I'm sure it'll get upgraded to the final release in
an update. And so on.

> 1) All of our servers have to access the internet via a proxy.  At least
> within the Anaconda UI there doesn't appear to be any support for
> configuring proxies so I'm forced into kickstart / shells / extra boot
> options to upgrade?

You can use preupgrade. It'll fetch the updates before booting into

        Kevin Kofler

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