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Re: xterm terminfo spec change in ncurses

Miroslav Lichvar on 06/26/2009 03:32 PM wrote:
> Does the application use ncurses or the sequences are hardcoded? The
> xterm terminfo entry should correspond to the default xterm
> configuration.

The application is hardcoded to look for pre-2009 xterm sequences.
Particularly the ^[O2S style sequences. It does not use ncurses at all.

> Yes, it still is.

Is there some community or commercial out-cry to keep changing the xterm
sequences? If so, can you please direct me to it? I haven't seen it.
It's just the SHIFT+F1 - SHIFT+F4 keys causing all the trouble. I guess
I'm too stupid to understand why these sequences are a moving target. I
guess 99% of FOSS apps use ncurses so they never see this issue. I'm
alone in this issue. Would that be a correct statement?

> xterm supports four different encodings, please see modifyFunctionKeys
> description in xterm man page. Number 2 is now the "official" one (the
> upstream default) and it matches the terminfo entry.
> For the other terminals imitating xterm you may need to set TERM=gnome
> or similar.

Running `xterm -xrm "XTerm*.modifyFunctionKeys : 0"` nets me a working
xterm again. Thanks.

However, vte is still bugged as it's not using xterm or ncurses for
sequence handling.

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