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Re: doubt regarding package name

Fernando Nasser wrote:
> Not all under our control, not all authors still around etc.  And these
> fails are subtle and sometimes only detected too late. The truth is that
> the regexp syntax is almost impossible (actually, I believe it is
> impossible) if the prefix is not there.
> There isn't enough information to know if it is the same package or not. 
> People are forced to add explicit had-coded code for each exception.

They shouldn't hardcode it, they should query the actual package or

> It is always confusing for humans to track where things are coming from if
> subpackages have different names.  If one is not in a situation to run a
> rpm -qi on the subpackage .rpm one may never know what produced it.

It's also in the XML/SQLite repository metadata (repomd). Try e.g.:
repoquery -s oxygen-cursor-themes

> The only reason I don't propose %{name} should prefix all subpackages as a
> guideline is that we'd have to fix our geronimo-specs huge spec file ;-) I
> actually think I should regardless...

I think there are many valid reasons to use %package -n. RPM supports it for
a reason.

        Kevin Kofler

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