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Re: Odd omission for qt4-devel package

King InuYasha wrote:
> I found a very strange omission for the qt4-devel package. The path to
> qt4-devel binaries (/usr/lib/qt4/bin) isn't automatically added to $PATH
> like qt3's are.

This is normal. The binaries are in the default PATH (in /usr/bin), in some
cases with a -qt4 suffix (which is also used in several other
distributions). Programs which aren't expecting the -qt4 suffixes are
broken and need to be fixed. Hacking PATH can be a workaround, but it
breaks finding the Qt 3 tools.

> Additionally, when I removed the qt3-devel package, the path to qt3-devel
> binaries (/usr/lib/qt-3.3/bin) isn't automatically removed from the $PATH.

You have to restart the running shells for the PATH changes to take effect.
Note that PATH is also inherited from parent shells by default (though the
profile scripts reset it when a user logs in), so you'll most likely have
to log out and log back in for a PATH removal to take effect (whereas
additions are picked up in any newly-started shells).

        Kevin Kofler

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