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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

Seth Vidal wrote:
> Furthermore, I was being flippant b/c I thought the claim that Kevin was
> making was a bit over the top. Misleading? That implies intent and no one
> is intending to mislead anyone.

Huh? You can accidentally mislead somebody. I never claimed it was

That said, after this vote, it now clearly _is_ intentional, because I've
made you and the other FESCo members aware of the issue and you (and
everyone else on FESCo except me who obviously dissented, jwb who abstained
and dgilmore who was absent) decided to ignore it (and even abstention
isn't really addressing the issue).

> We have a default install of Fedora. It installs a desktop that features
> gnome.

That's kinda the point, there should be no one default in the first place.
We have 2 perfectly functional primary live spins, they should get equal

        Kevin Kofler

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