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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

John5342 wrote:
> I see a very big difference. I look at
> http://fedoraproject.org/en/get-fedora and i see a Fedora 11 Desktop
> Edition which somewhere in the small print says it features Gnome.
> Anyone at a glance could easily believe that this is the one and only
> desktop that Fedora provides (it is after all the "Desktop" edition).
> In the meantime the KDE spin is hidden behind a "KDE fans, go here"
> link which could for all i know leads to the website of some
> <favourite sport here> team named KDE.
> Linux is supposed to support choice but in reality people are offered
> 1 choice and then left to search for others. Just call these spins
> what they are. All the other spins seem to describe themselves
> accurately so why can't the Gnome one do the same.

Well said. I agree with the entirety of your mail (not just the portion I

IMHO this issue really needs to get voted again next week and the mailing
list feedback should be taken into account!

As Orcan's and John's reply show, I'm far from the only one who thinks the
current naming of the GNOME-based spin is misleading and biased (which was
another thing the opponents to my proposal claimed during the meeting).

        Kevin Kofler

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